BVR Compact, High-Reliability Utility Actuators for Aerospace

BVR utility actuators from Kaney Aerospace are a cost-effective, reliable solution to move doors, valves, radars, and other airframe equipment. Our engineering strategy follows a modular approach, based on our very large library of designs proven in demanding flight environments for decades.

We integrate all elements, including motors, reduction geartrains, position sensors, and control electronics. For example, we carefully match motors and gearboxes for a specific application, to deliver the required speed, acceleration, and limit load, as well as high torque-volume ratios.

Our advanced gear-cutting capabilities mean tighter tolerances, better surface finishes, and more efficient transmission, with hardened, precision gears up to AGMA Quality 12 to ensure accurate operation, long life, and long duty cycles.

BVR utility actuators offer:

  • High-reliability brushless DC motors and stepper motors
  • Microprocessor-based controls, reducing size and weight, helping distribute processing away from central systems, and facilitating integration
  • I/O capability for discrete serial or analog commands
  • BIT coverage in excess of 95 percent
  • Proprietary non-contact, digital position sensors for higher-performance servos: our efficient designs yield a 30 to 40-percent reduction in footprint, envelope, and weight, and a higher power-to-weight ratio
  • High-power / high-torque capabilities

With BVR actuators from Kaney Aerospace, you have access to our world-class engineering and manufacturing capabilities and a mature range of reliable solutions and products. We can support your requirements with component-level solutions and subsystem integration.